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This pack includes 3 bottles of 500 ml.: 1 bottle Gran Selección, 1 bottle Organic and 1 bottle Selección.


Gran Selección. Early green olive of Picual variety, harvested in the month of October. The optimal time to get the best quality. The harvesting and transformation process is made taking care of the fruit with a low temperature and slow pace extraction. All this gives us fresh juices that remind us of the freshly cut grass, tomato, apple and great harmony between spice and bitter.

For raw consumption, it is ideal for toast, salads and gourmet dishes.


Organic. Early green olive of Picual variety, harvested in the month of October. 100% free from pesticides and other unauthorized chemical products, which guarantee the purity and quality of this oil. It has its corresponding certificate as coming from organic crops with the EU seal. 

It is ideal for raw use: toast, salads, pasta, etc.


Selección. Half ripened Picual olives. Harvested in early November. This type of oil is care following the natural progress of the fruit on the tree. It has nuances reminiscent of ripe apple, red fruits and fruit and nuts.

It specially enhance the flavour of salads and toast. As well as to cook for its great resistance to frying and thus substantially improve the dishes in the kitchen such as stews, meats, fish, cheeses, etc.


All the glass bottles of 500 ml. are designed by the Italian architect and designer Monica Armani and with a special non-drip stopper of high quality of our own design.

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