To give continuity to a company and involve all its stakeholders in its development (shareholders, managers, employees, clients, suppliers, social environment) it is necessary to have a clear script shared by all these groups. That is, a mission, a vision and values capable of integrating and making many individual objectives compatible, from the conviction that the common objective is the guarantor that each one of the participants will be able to approach their own particular objectives.


In our case:

We define the Mission as:

The elaboration, commercialization and differentiated distribution, both in the national market and in foreign markets, of high quality extra virgin olive oil, based on a careful selection, manufacture and distribution of the product, with a modern and attractive image built on the strength of a millenary industry, with innovation and quality as action guides, both in product and design, communication and customer service, as well as in product category, formats and communication, adapted to the expectations of the most demanding consumers.

And the Vision :

“Hacienda Cruz de Galindo” through its brand “Selma, Millenary Olive Oil”, aspires to position itself in the oil market as a leading company in the manufacture, packaging and marketing of high quality extra virgin olive oil, in the highest segment of the market, of Spanish origin and global positioning, with the aim of becoming a reference in products of high culinary level in the medium and long term.

The values on which we build our company are the following:

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - Quality in the product, in the process, in the design, in the service and in the technology.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - Fundamental focus on the client.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - Economic, social and environmental commitment in all the activity of the company. Economic commitment to shareholders and to the environment (if it does not obtain benefits, the other values and objectives cannot be applied); social commitment to the harmonious development of the environment; and environmental commitment to sustainability and improvement of the physical and biological environment, in accordance with the most advanced requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - Trust, cooperation and teamwork as a way of understanding business activity, both within the company's own team, as well as with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders in the company.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - And, of course, Honesty in all actions of the company's managers and employees, always putting health and quality of life as the first priority of society.

Specifically, the general objectives of the company are identified as:

1.- National Packaging, Marketing and Distribution and export of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and degree of zero acidity on the Picual olive variety (longer lived and with more properties), with its own brand (Selma Millenary Olive Oil) and differentiated packaging, thereby generating recurring cash flows to finance future growth.

2.- Vertical integration in the production of extra virgin olive oil. Progressively expanding the scope of the “Hacienda Cruz de Galindo” value chain from the acquisition of the olive to delivery from the oil to the customer.

3.- Identification in the markets and among private and professional clients as a leading company, with a high quality extra virgin olive oil, in the best market practices.

4.- Customer and supplier loyalty. With a range of products adapted to the most demanding expectations. Incorporating the win-win criterion in all relationships (“if it's not good for all parties, it's not good”) .

5.- Contribution to the economic, social and environmental development of all the areas in which "Hacienda Cruz de Galindo" carries out its activity.

6.- Distribution and export of honey and other high-level culinary products (gourmet) as future products of the company.